04/27/2013 07:54 pm ET

Darrell Issa, Jon Hamm Lookalike? Congressman Claims He's Often Mistaken For Actor

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) claims he's often mixed up for one of Hollywood's hunkiest leading men -- Jon Hamm.

“Last night they kept thinking I was Jon Hamm," Issa told The Hill during the White House Correspondents' Brunch on Saturday. "I'm trying to outgrow that, but I can't. So they kept thinking they saw a celebrity and then were disappointed.”

Issa joked that he doesn't say anything to those who mistake him for the actor, who's private parts made headlines recently. (Hamm reportedly caused a stir on the set of his AMC show "Mad Men" by not wearing underwear, but the actor denies the claims, saying he's "never not worn underwear.")

“If you’re mistaken for somebody popular, as a politician, take it," Issa said.

The annual correspondents' dinner brings together journalists, government officials, politicians and media personalities for a weekend of events. This year's host is comedian Conan O'Brien.