04/28/2013 11:39 am ET

'32' Taylor Swift Parody For The Married With Kids Set (VIDEO)

If the kids you spend most of your time with would be more likely to belt out a song by Tim and the Space Cadets called "2nd Grade Show" than Taylor Swift's hit "22," then this is the parody for you. Space Cadets front man, Tim Kubart, has taken on an alter-ego called Tambourine Guy to make parody videos that aren't for little children, but for the people who are raising them. Based on this first release, we feel pretty good about the switch.

No, Kubart isn't the first to remake Swift's bubblegum hit. FUSE TV's "32" went completely viral earlier this month, for one. Their parody, however, centered on the single city-dwelling 32-year-old who has "tiny little dinner parties," "a cat" and "a dentist, maybe." The stars in Kubart's clip are markedly parental ("Yeaaah, we're mommies and daddies and we're exhausted by the middle of the day") and there is even a bonus guest appearance from another era at around the 2:40 mark.

So what do you think? Watch Tambourine Guy's clip above and then tell us in the comments which "32" looks most familiar to you.



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