04/29/2013 10:19 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kendall Jenner Poses In Bikini On Family Vacation in Greece (PHOTOS)

Though we're not sure we'd want to be followed around by a camera crew 24/7 -- we're thinking of all the reality stars out there -- we probably wouldn't mind switching lives with Kendall Jenner, at least for a few days.

The 17-year-old model is currently on vacation in Mykonos, Greece, with the rest of her famous family, and although there actually is a camera crew documenting their trip for the next season of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," that doesn't mean Kendall hasn't been documenting it herself on Instagram.

On Saturday, Kendall posted a photo of herself in a tiny two-piece bikini, showing off her incredibly toned body, and wrote:

"mellow moods got me, darlin."

It's clear the reality star has been having a blast on the holiday, and also posted photos of herself horseback riding, jet-skiing and just hanging around with her younger sister Kylie aboard a luxury yacht.

"ahhhh I'm lucky! this place is incredible #FamilyTimeIsTheBestTime," she wrote along with a photo of the yacht against the backdrop of the beautiful Greek island.

We're glad that Kendall knows just how lucky she is.

kendall jenner bikini

kendall jenner bikini

kendall jenner bikini



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