04/29/2013 12:22 pm ET Updated Apr 29, 2013

La Toya Jackson: Dating And Physical Intimacy Still Difficult For Michael's Sister (VIDEO)

Though La Toya Jackson says she has been single since her 1996 divorce from her allegedly abusive husband, she recently met with mother-daughter matchmakers Sherri Murphy and Tammi Pickle to venture back into the dating world. But just moments before La Toya was supposed to go out on her first date, she abruptly canceled.

In this clip from La Toya's OWN docu-series "Life with La Toya," the soft-spoken and often shy Jackson sister has a follow-up meeting with her matchmakers so they can get to the bottom of what's really going on. La Toya insists she just got the "jitters," but Sherri and Tammi want to dig deeper.

Understanding the impact of a traumatic divorce, Sherri offers up her own experiences to help relate to La Toya. "I went through a couple of pretty horrific divorces," Sherri says in the clip. "That's why I think that I'm kind of determined to help you do the same thing. Because I can see... you've had all this trauma. Have you gotten counseling for that?"

This strikes a nerve with the usually cheerful La Toya, so Tammi tries a different approach. "Are you ready to be physically intimate with someone?" Tammi asks her. "It is important for you to find someone that maybe leads to that one day."

La Toya is silent, so her business partner and friend Jeffré Phillips, chimes in. "That's why I've been so eager for her to date and see what it's like, because the experience that she had was extremely bad," he says. Then he recounts a story about La Toya's past. "When we first met, I was arguing with this person on the phone. I hang up the phone and La Toya was just terrified. She said, 'You're going to beat me now.' I said... 'What do you mean? I was mad at that person on the phone; it has nothing to do with you.'"

At the mention of this story, La Toya is visibly shaken. Jeffré says, "I've known her for 14 years, and she never gets upset about anything."

"Except for now," a crying La Toya cuts in. "You had to bring up my past. And I have to excuse myself, guys. I'm sorry." She walks out.

"Life with La Toya" airs Saturdays at 10:30 p.m. ET on OWN.

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