04/29/2013 03:29 pm ET

Promposal Stories: Teen Recites Pokemon Poem, Asks Date To Prom (VIDEO)

While your beloved Pokemon cards are probably collecting dust under your bed, for one Pokemon-obsessed high school student named Terry, he turned his love of the popular Japanese video game phenomenon into possibly the most adorkable promposal we've seen yet.

With the Pokemon theme song blaring in the background, a video shows the teen making his grand entrance into his school's cafeteria, approaching his prom date-to-be dressed as Ash Ketchum -- the main character of the anime franchise -- and even reciting a special poem he had written.

"Charmeleon is red, Squirtle is blue... Prom is coming soon, so I choose you."

But just when you think the promposal is over, Terry pulled out all the stops when he presented his date with a Poke Ball that opened up to read: "I choose you! Maxine, prom?"

Of course Maxine said "yes" -- promptly leading Terry to run a victory lap around the cafeteria.

Don't ever change, Terry.

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[h/t Viral Viral Videos]