04/29/2013 05:34 pm ET

Reese Witherspoon Interview: Actress Talks Women And Success


Coming on the heels of her April 19th arrest for disorderly conduct, Reese Witherspoon's interview in Red magazine is more than a little awkward.

In the interview, Witherspoon -- who allegedly told her arresting officer "you're about to find out who I am..." -- talks about the balance women face between being an "arrogant jerk" and "someone who is proud of their accomplishments."

We can't say she struck the right balance during her arrest, but she does make a valid point:

“As women, we shrug and smile and say, ‘Oh … me?’ because it makes it socially acceptable for us to be successful... But there is a balance between being an arrogant jerk and being someone who is proud of their accomplishments. We need to let successful women show off and support them. Because men don’t spend any time putting themselves down. They don’t waste their breath.”

Do you agree? Is it less socially acceptable for women to claim their success? And if so, how can we change this?