04/29/2013 04:40 am ET Updated Apr 29, 2013

'Smash': Kathie Lee Gifford Drops By To Mambo With Ivy And 'Bombshell' Cast (VIDEO)

The guest star parade continued on "Smash" with Kathie Lee Gifford appearing as herself. The "Today" co-host was sporting a short blonde wig for a performance number she did with Ivy and some of the dancers from "Bombshell." It was all part of a whirlwind promotional tour to try and boost sales of the musical as it made its way to Broadway.

Vulture said it can't get much campier than a guest spot by Kathie Lee. But Entertainment Weekly said it wasn't a totally random celebrity appearance. "Did you guys know that the host of 'Today's' fourth hour has written a number of musicals, including one called 'Key Pin It Real' that features a lead character named Key Pin?" they asked.

But while things were rising for Ivy, Jimmy spent the rest of the episode slowly self-destructing. It all came to a head when he made some key mistakes during a performance for producers that got Karen hurt. Still, Jimmy being a pig-headed idiot that refused to take responsibility for anything, he wound up losing everything.

Oh, and after dropping Jimmy's stuff off, Kyle apparently got hit by a car. Or a bus. Or something. Oh, "Smash!"

See what hit him, and where it goes from here, by tuning in to "Smash" every Saturday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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Smash Season 2
Smash Season 2