04/29/2013 08:51 pm ET

Tim Brando: Jason Collins Is Not A Hero For Coming Out (TWEETS)

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According to Tim Brando's dictionary, Jason Collins is not a hero.

With Collins' decision to come out and his eloquent editorial for Sports Illustrated dominating conversation in the sports world on Monday, the CBS play-by-play announcer and radio host ranted on Twitter about the "hero worship" occurring. Expressing a sentiment that echoed one shared by Ben Shapiro, editor-at-large for, Brando railed against those who consider Collins to be a hero for becoming the first active openly gay athlete in any of the major U.S. team sports.

In response to a question about the backlash that his comments generated, Brando offered an explanation as to why his perspective was not popular.

Although Brando does not specify what dictionary he consulted, here are four definitions for "hero" offered by Merriam-Webster, who has been "America's leading and most-trusted provider of language information" for more than 150 years.

  • a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability
  • an illustrious warrior
  • a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities
  • one who shows great courage

While Collins is not a "mythical or legendary figure" or "illustrious warrior," he is certainly being rightfully commended for his courageous decision and appears to be widely admired for his on-court achievements as well the noble qualities displayed in his writing and actions.



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