04/29/2013 04:43 am ET

'Vikings' Finale: Rollo Must Decide To Stand By His Brother, Ragnar, Or Against Him (VIDEO)

It's a good thing "Vikings" has already been renewed for a second season as this Season 1 finale was more about setting up future conflict than resolving anything. Ragnar and his men had traveled to see Jarl Borg to negotiate a territorial dispute he had with King Horik. Only, it was less of a negotiation than it was both sides making demands with zero wiggle room.

As it took several days for messages to go back and forth, Ragnar had time to bed an intriguing women his men met along the way. She later told him she was pregnant with his child -- the son he so desperately wanted. But while Ragnar was distracted with thoughts of his legacy, his own brother had ambitions of his own.

Of course, Rollo has been plotting quietly against his brother for weeks now. With King Horik and Jarl Borg on the cusp of war, it was time to choose sides. Ragnar stayed true to the side he started with, while Borg made Rollo an offer. He knew Rollo's ambitions and played them to his benefit.

"I will fight with you," Rollo told Jarl Borg. "I will fight with you against my brother."

Show creator Michael Hirst explained to Buzz Focus that he felt sorry for Rollo. "In Viking society, fame and renown were very important," he said. "So you have a guy who is clearly a great warrior, a great fighter and he’s suffering in comparison with his outstandingly gifted brother. He has a lot of unresolved issues."

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