04/30/2013 03:27 pm ET Updated May 01, 2013

Beijing Dance Teacher Caught Abusing Students In Viral Video

WARNING: Some audiences may be disturbed by the actions depicted in the video above. The faces of potential victims have been obscured.

A shocking video has been making the rounds online this week involving a dance teacher who resorted to physically and verbally abusing her young students in China. According to Business Insider, the clip went viral on one of Beijing's popular video sharing sites, attracting over 1.69 million views in the three days it circulated on the web.

In the explicit video, which was removed from YouTube today, the unknown dance teacher is shown hitting and kicking her underage students as she berates them. At one point, the harsh teacher is shown repeatedly smacking a female dancer with a baton-like instrument; later she kicks a girl as as the young dancer finishes a routine.

The English language captions accompanying the deleted video revealed the terrible extent of the teacher's criticism. "Something is f**king wrong with your brains!" she screams.

As the title of the video noted, comparisons have already been made to Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice, who was recently caught on video shoving his players and tossing basketballs at their heads.

People's Daily was able to trace the video of the Chinese dance teacher to a "foreign site," noting that it was posted in November of last year and only recently resurfaced, but the name of the instructor and studio have yet to be determined. In the meantime, commenters were quick to label the woman a "bully" and "morally corrupt."

A censored clip of the deleted video is posted above, but be warned: the content is disturbing. Let us know your thoughts on the controversy in the comments.