04/30/2013 11:32 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Colbert Rips Media Reaction To Jason Collins Coming Out, Defends Straight People Rights (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert tore into those who lauded NBA player Jason Collins for being the first active American pro athlete to come out as gay, and spent the first half of his show defending the rights of straight people from the gay threat.

"That's right: He came out as black and gay," Colbert said. "Even more shocking, he came out as a player for the Washington Wizards."

But more to the point, he insisted that it's not natural to allow gays and sports mix.

"The point is, gay sports don't make any sense, just like gay marriage does not make any sense," Colbert continued. "Because marriage is for making babies and so is basketball. Just ask the thousands of Wilt Chamberlain's children."

Plus, it's offensive to those who defend traditional marriage to be labeled with names that undermine their opinions.

"They're calling us hateful names like bigot and homophobe!" he exclaimed, agreeing with a conservative religious pundit. "When we're just helpfully pointing out that they're deviant abominations who are going to hell!"

Check out the clip above in which Colbert discusses Jason Collins, and below, watch as Stephen mockingly defends the rights of heterosexuals and pokes fun at Pat Robertson for aligning the rights of straight people with the Civil Rights movement.