04/30/2013 03:31 pm ET Updated Apr 30, 2013

Pet Reunion Turns Sour: Man Loses Pet Bird In A Case Of Mistaken Identity


Last week, the Associated Press reported that Great Falls, Mont. man Mike Taylor was reunited with the pet macaw that he had lost in a divorce years before.

But as it turns out, the bird -- whom he nicknamed "Love Love" -- wasn't Taylor's after all. An official from Montana's Parrot & Exotic Bird Sanctuary took back the parrot after speaking with Taylor's estranged wife Belinda "Linda" Carillo.

According to the Great Falls Tribune, the sanctuary's executive director, Lori McAlexander, learned that the former couple had gotten married five years ago in April 2008, which was around the same time the bird arrived at the sanctuary, meaning the bird with which Taylor was reunited couldn't possibly be "Love Love." The real "Love Love" was given away by Carillo after the couple split.

Taylor and Carillo separated at the end of 2010. They are not yet officially divorced.

But not all pet reunions have such sad endings. In February 2013, divorcee Jamie Carpentier was reunited with his dog -- a basset hound named Ginger -- after more than a decade apart. He saw the description for a 13-year-old basset hound online, visited the shelter soon after, and immediately knew it was, indeed, his long-lost pal.

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