05/01/2013 08:13 am ET

'19 Kids & Counting': Jim Bob And Michelle Go Snorkeling In Street Clothes?! (VIDEO)

The Duggar parents clearly love children, or else they'd stop having them, but every parent needs a retreat once in awhile without their kids. On "19 Kids and Counting," Jim Bob and Michelle headed to Peurto Rico for themselves and their marriage.

The couple made it clear that while they don't have any real marital problems, it's always good to reflect on their lives together, and improve their communication. This past year has been particularly difficult for the family after Michelle gave birth to a stillborn daughter. For her, this trip was a chance to refocus and refresh.

As part of the experience, the couple went on various excursions, like snorkeling. Because of their faith, though, Jim Bob and Michelle opted to not wear traditional swimwear to snorkel. Instead, they went for it in their street clothes.

"I don’t know if this is typical snorkeling attire, but I feel comfortable in this, so that’s what I’m gonna swim in," Michelle said.

Hollywood Life was shocked that they went snorkeling in their street clothes, but said more power to them if it helped strengthen their relationship. Michelle explained to People magazine that she wasn't exactly wearing regular clothes. It was modesty swimwear that only looks like a dress.

"Bathing suits are pretty and colorful but it's not our thinking that it is okay to be naked some places and not other places," she told the magazine. "Everyone has their idea of what is modest, but for our family, we try to avoid situations ... like the public beach or swimming pools that can make it a challenge to keep our minds pure."

Follow along for more adventures with the Duggars on "19 Kids and Counting," Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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