05/01/2013 02:34 pm ET

Cass Corridor Apartment Dwellers Get More Time To Move


The owner of three Cass Corridor apartment buildings who planned to kick out the low-income residents in 30 days has softened his approach. The residents now have until the end of June to leave. They've also been offered two months free rent as they search for new places to live.

"I'm happy to report that I am able to offer you additional time," says a letter dated April 20 that was in the hallway of the Bretton apartments at 439 Henry St. Wednesday morning. The letter was signed by Peter Mercier, the current owner of the three apartment buildings on the 400 block of Henry, just west of Cass Avenue. In addition to the Bretton, Mercier owns the Berwin at 489 Henry and the Claridge at 459 Henry.

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