05/01/2013 05:23 am ET

'Deadliest Catch': Captain Keith Colburn Concerned About Lenny's Injury Being Too Close To The Eye (VIDEO)

Danger is around every corner for the crews on "Deadliest Catch." Sometimes it comes from the most unexpected places, and sometimes it comes so quickly, there isn't time to react. That's what happened to the Wizard's engineer, Larry, who got smacked in the face with a buoy.

The blow created a massive gash on his face that was too close to his eye for comfort. Captain Keith Colburn recognized the severity of the injury, and the fact that it was bleeding profusely, as face wounds tend to do.

"The thing is, it’s so close to your eye, I’m concerned about putting a stitch or two in there," Keith told Larry. Instead, they threw a couple of butterfly bandages over the wound and Lenny was able to get back to his duties. Both he and the captain joked they should name the infirmary after him.

After all, as the Examiner put it, "Lenny is no stranger to pain on the Wizard, as Keith has sewn him up on several occasions.”

See more dangers, anticipated and unexpected, on "Deadliest Catch," Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.

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