05/01/2013 08:35 pm ET

'Downton Abbey': J.J. Abrams Visits The Set For Season 4

BadRobot via Twitter

Nerd alert! While in the UK promoting "Star Trek Into Darkness," director J.J. Abrams somehow found time to pay a visit to "Downton Abbey" ... talk about a crossover we never predicted!

Abrams' production company, Bad Robot, tweeted a time-bending photo of Abrams stealing Mrs. Patmore's (Lesley Nicol) thunder in the kitchen, much to the disapproval of a stern-looking Mrs. Hughes (Phyllis Logan).

We're not sure who we're more jealous of, Abrams for getting a sneak peek at the developments of "Downton" Season 4 before it premieres, or the "Downton" cast and crew for getting the opportunity to pick the brain of the man behind the reinvigorated "Star Wars" and "Trek" franchises. While 1966 is still a long way off in the world of "DA," maybe Baby George will grow up to be a Trekkie?

"Downton Abbey" Season 4 premieres in fall 2013 in the UK and will likely debut in January 2014 in the US. "Star Trek Into Darkness" is released in US theaters on May 17.

"Downton Abbey"