05/01/2013 12:08 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Jonathan Harris, Artist, On Documenting The Lives Of Lesbian Porn Stars

Jonathan Harris

Lesbian BDSM starlet Dolores Haze is going for the money shot. She's on her knees, furiously masturbating in front of a set of cameras for feminist porn pioneer Jincey Lumpkin's new feature, "Therapy." Jonathan Harris, computer scientist, online artist, and documentarian, is filming her too, only he continues rolling after the rest of the crew has packed up to leave. The shots last only 10 seconds: Dolores lying on the couch in a post-coital daze. Dolores getting on the subway and walking home. Dolores calling a friend because she accidentally locked herself out of her own apartment.

Harris filmed nine women who work in lesbian porn in New York over 10 days, in 10-second intervals, and spent 24 hours with each one. This week, he launched the intimate interactive documentary detailing their lives. Similar to Harris' 2006 project, "We Feel Fine," which measured an aggregated universe of multi-colored emotions on blogs, "I Love Your Work" works like a tapestry of plot points that can enlarge. Each row designates a different female subject, and you can click on each individual teaser shot contained within. In its entirety, the project is six hours long.

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