05/01/2013 05:58 pm ET

How Much Would You Spend To Take A Good Senior Portrait? (VIDEO)

Although "senior picture day" is often characterized as one of the most dreaded high school rites of passage, some teens are taking the event into their own hands this year.

In the video above, Wall Street Journal reporter Elizabeth Holmes talks about a new trend where American students are opting to take senior portraits outside of school -- complete with professional photographers, wardrobe styling and professional hair and makeup.

It's not exclusive to teen girls, either: Holmes says that the boys she spoke with were convinced to participate in private senior photo shoots by their mothers and girlfriends.

Personal senior portraits (which can range anywhere from $600 to $1,200, according to Holmes) aren't the only vanity trend that could be setting students and parents back financially this year. Prom spending is also increasing. Families who are opting to spend money on prom are expected to reach an average of $1,139 in total costs, according to the Associated Press.

"Kids are fantasizing about their own stardom in a way," said Kit Yarrow, a consumer psychologist. "This is sort of their red carpet moment."

Tell us, are you spending extra money on portraits and prom? Is it worth it? Sound off in the comments or tweet at @HuffPostTeen.



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