05/01/2013 12:54 pm ET

Jeffrey Crandall, Deputy, Wrangles 10-Foot Alligator (PHOTO)

The photo may look unbelievable, but it's no croc.

A concerned citizen in Oldmar, Fla. called 911 around 5:45 a.m. Tuesday to report that a large alligator was snapping at cars near a dentist's office, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

When Pinellas County sheriff's deputies showed up, Deputy Jeff Crandall took matters into his own hands. He grabbed a rope from his trunk, looped it around the reptile's neck and sat on the 10-foot animal.

Crandall, who has been with the department for 30 years, said he did it because the alligator was quickly heading towards the roadway, according to Fox 13.

Officers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission were able to transport the alligator to a licensed trapper. According to WTSP, the wayward gator is doomed to die.

FWC spokesman Gary Morse told the Tampa Bay times that untrained individuals should not wrestle large animals.

"Unless it's an absolute necessity," Morse said, "we advise sheriff's deputies to wait until we get there in these situations."



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