05/01/2013 08:07 am ET Updated Jul 01, 2013

North Carolina Police Arrest Black Preachers For Praying In Protest Of Extreme GOP Agenda


Apparently it's now against the law in North Carolina to pray in protest of the un-Christian agenda of the Republican Party. Seventeen NAACP activists, including eight clergymen, were arrested on Monday for praying in protest of the recent GOP agenda that has taken the state by storm in recent weeks.

As part of their extreme agenda, the North Carolina GOP has tried to pass a law that would declare a state religion in direct violation of the Constitution. After that effort failed miserably, North Carolina Republicans introduced a bill to make divorce harder and would force domestic violence victims to wait two years and attend counseling sessions with her abuser. But the GOP didn't stop there, one Republican actually shut down a radio show in violation of free speech because the show was critical of the GOP agenda.

Then Republicans declared war on welfare recipients with a bill that would force them to have mandatory background checks before they could receive aid. This arises at the same time these very Republicans oppose universal background checks that would prevent convicted felons and terrorists of getting guns. And to top it all off, the North Carolina GOP is pursuing a voter suppression effort in the state to limit the impact of African-Americans, women, and young people in elections.