05/01/2013 02:42 pm ET Updated May 01, 2013

Reporters Plug Marathon Experiences During Boston Bombings Coverage (VIDEO, POLL)

Completing a marathon is a great accomplishment for which any runner deserves to be proud. In the 24 hours following the Boston Marathon bombings, some news anchors and reporters were quick to mention their own experiences with the 26-mile race.

While doubtlessly well-intentioned, some viewers found it surprising to hear broadcasters reference their own marathon runs and records while reporting and commenting on the blasts that killed three and injured more than two hundred individuals.

The mentions had varying degrees of relevance to the story. Some journalists referenced their past experiences running in Boston to describe the layout of the race or security presence at the marathon. Others mentioned that they ran entirely different races, which didn't seem to add much news value to the story of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Perhaps Elisabeth Hasselbeck put it best on "The View" when, after mentioning her own marathon experience, quickly backpeddled to note that the information was “neither here nor there” when it came to the tragedy.

Check out the above video highlighting some of the anchors who discussed their personal marathon experiences. Let us know how you feel about the mentions in the poll below.