05/01/2013 11:46 am ET

Rudy Giuliani, Not That Rudy Giuliani, Plans To Run For Dan Halloran's NYC Council Seat


It's deja-Rudy in New York City.

That's right, another Rudy Giuliani is said to be eyeing public office in the city. The New York Post reports Rudy S. Giuliani-- the younger second cousin of former Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani-- is planning a run for the New York City Council seat currently occupied by Dan Halloran, who is facing federal charges of corruption.

If Halloran is convicted or resigns, a special election will held to fill his seat.

A source tells the Post the elder Rudy sat down with his relative and offered his support.

The younger Giuliani, also a Republican, and currently chief of staff to GOP Councilman Eric Ulrich, will reportedly announce his campaign soon.

Halloran pleaded not guilty last week to bribery charges. He is accused of being involved in a scheme to pay off local GOP leaders to get state Senator Malcolm Smith on this year's mayoral ballot as a Republican.



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