05/01/2013 08:59 am ET

Shoe Shopping Tips: The Right Footwear To Take You From Winter To Spring (PHOTOS)

The current weather has us confused. Don't get us wrong, we're ecstatic that it's finally warming up, and winter seems to be behind us. But the fluctuating temperatures, threatening rain clouds and gusty winds have us stumped every morning while we look into our closets.

What type of jacket should we wear? Is a scarf still necessary? What about gloves? And don't even get us started on footwear, because that's where we're having real issues. Right now it's too early for sandals (flip-flops especially, people), and too late for heavy winter boots -- so what's left to put on our tootsies? Plenty, actually!

This is the perfect time of year for peep-toe shoes, driving moccasins and any kind of sneaker. If you are keen on wearing boots, opt for lighter and brighter colors. If spring showers are a constant threat, try a slick rain bootie or a pair of raffia wedges to keep your feet out of the puddles. Whatever you do, don't let the weather discourage you (and your shoe wardrobe).

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