05/01/2013 05:21 am ET Updated May 01, 2013

'The Mindy Project': Chloe Sevigny Is Open To Trying Again With Danny (VIDEO)

Chloe Sevigny continued her run as Danny's ex-wife, Christina, on the latest episode of "The Mindy Project." She came by because of a letter Danny had written, though he never intended to send it to her. Morgan took it upon himself to do that, and for doing so Danny fired him.

Because of this, Morgan was hired by a rival and became a triathlon rival as well. The bulk of the episode was about the stiff competition in this triathlon, that saw Danny running in a Speedo when Mindy wound up incapable of doing her leg.

Mindy was going through a crisis of faith with her boyfriend, who'd basically told her he wanted her to convert to Christianity -- or at least consider it. When she did so, she ultimately determined that it wasn't right for her, and in the end her boyfriend came to respect that decision.

But theirs wasn't the only relationship to surpass a potential hurdle. Moments before she was headed to the airport after getting no responses to any of her own letters, Danny called Christina and asked her to coffee. TV Fanatic was interested in this rekindling, even if it puts on hold thoughts of Danny and Mindy together.

Showrunner Matt Warburton told Zap2It that Sevigny is the perfect foil for Mindy -- she brings a new intensity and energy to the show. The question now is how long will she stay a part of the ensemble?

There are only two more episodes left in Season 1 of "The Mindy Project," Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on Fox.

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