05/01/2013 03:18 pm ET

Toddler Falls Asleep Eating Chicken Nugget (VIDEO)

Sleep or food: It's a herculean choice that no kid should ever have to make.

In this adorable video, which has gone viral this week, a toddler is seen apparently struggling to fight off an impending blanket of sleep so that he can finish eating a chicken nugget. (Watch the video above to see how the epic battle played out.)

"This is my 3-year-old son sitting in first class flight from Cancun, Mexico CUN airport to Baltimore International Airport," wrote YouTube user "kharchenkog" in a caption that accompanied the clip.

Unsurprisingly, some viewers seemed to appreciate the adorable struggle.

"This kid is living the LIFE," one YouTube user wrote earlier this week.

Of course, it's important to remember that eating and sleeping at the same time can be a potentially dangerous activity, but as parents the world over can attest, sometimes kids just can't help themselves:

Kids Sleep Eating