05/01/2013 05:27 am ET

'World's Worst Tenants': Man Converts Abandoned Hospital's Morgue Into A Hotel (VIDEO)

If you have access to an abandoned building, apparently you can start running an illegal hotel. One man started doing just that in an abandoned hospital on "World's Worst Tenants." And to ensure it was the creepiest scenario possible, he was running the illegal hotel out of the morgue.

When the team arrived and confronted one of the customers, there was certainly some confusion. "We paid to be here," the customer insisted, which was technically true. Did the customer know that the man running the hotel had no legal right to do so?

It was the property owner who'd sent in the team, and the cameras, to find out what was going on in this hospital's morgue. But this whole concept isn't completely unheard of. One Tasmanian businessman had plans to make a morgue a rentable room for thrill-seekers.

In Clarksdale, Mississippi, the G.T. Thomas Hospital was renovated into The Riverside Hotel in 1944. There was surely a morgue in the hospital, so what was that area turned into?

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