05/02/2013 05:08 am ET

'How To Live With Your Parents': Polly's Sexy Lingerie Backfires When Scott's Kids Are There (VIDEO)

Polly decided to get spontaneous in her burgeoning relationship with Scott on "How to Live With Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life)." After convincing her parents to watch her daughter, she dropped by his place unannounced. When he answered the door, she threw open her coat to reveal some sexy black lingerie. Unfortunately, he was quickly followed to the door by his two young sons, who got quite an eyeful.

It was an eyeful they couldn't forget, as one of them spent the next scene talking incessantly about "boobs." Yidio summed up the scene with one word: "Oops."

Polly and Scott rolled with it, though, and decided to make it a fun day with them and the boys. Only the boys were absolutely terrible. Polly realized that her own daughter isn't much better, and it's because they're both indulging their kids whims too much.

Meanwhile, Polly's parents took her daughter to a wine festival, where their own selfishness quickly won out. They tied a pink balloon to her and left her with a goat, only to realize a bit later that there was a breast cancer awareness event going on and there were pink balloons everywhere.

Because this is television, Polly and Scott wound up at the festival as well, so there could be some fun scenes of her just missing her own daughter, while her parents searched frantically for their grandchild. In the end, the truth came out, but Polly realized that even getting lost can help a child, by teaching her independence.

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