05/02/2013 08:02 am ET

Laser Pops 100 Black Balloons Domino-Style In Scott A. Stevenson's Fun VIDEO

Imagine lining up 100 balloons and then using a laser beam to blast them all to smithereens. Better yet, just watch what happens in this video created recently at the Cremerie de Paris International Exhibition Center by laser maven extraordinaire Scott A. Stevenson.

In the video, the laser -- identified as a custom-made pocket Blu-ray laser rated at about 500 milliwatts -- pops all of the black balloons in about eight seconds. Not fun enough for you? Keep watching to see the action play backwards, with the shredded balloons rapidly reassembling themselves one after the other.

It's not the first amazing laser-centric video posted by Stevenson, a video producer and web developer in San Francisco. Others include this one, which shows a laser popping a kernel of popcorn, and this one of a laser lighting up a line of beer bottle 'rockets.' They're all available on Stevenson's YouTube Channel 'WorldScott,' which bills itself as a source for "entertaining and informative vids to popularize cool science and tech topics."

Thanks, Scott. Your videos are a blast!



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