05/02/2013 08:12 am ET

'My Crazy Obsession': Woman Hosts Dinner Party Made Of Dumpster Food (VIDEO)

Kelly Athena is one frugal eater on "My Crazy Obsession." In fact, in the past four years she has spent exacty zero dollars on groceries. That's because she loves to go dumpster diving ... for food.

She "rescues" discarded foods of all kinds from grocery store dumpsters, driving up to 30 miles a day to 20 different dumpsters to find food. She usually comes up with about twelve boxes of food per day. That's enough to feed her family, and even host a dinner party for her friends.

Those friends had no idea where the food came from until Kelly announced it in the middle of dinner. Needless to say, they were stunned and admitted they'd have never accepted her invitation had they know it would be dumpster food. But as they'd already been complimenting the flavor, the revelation didn't keep anyone from finishing their meal.

Kelly says she hates seeing food "orphaned" and feels that dumpster food is cleaner, because in restaurants , you don't know who's preparing the food. All in all, The Daily Mail reports that she's salvaged more than $125,000 worth of food since she began this routine four years ago.

But while her friends seemed ultimately okay with what she was doing, her husband clearly wasn't. He had his identity concealed for the show -- though doesn't he realize that all of their combined friends and associates would recognize her just as easily as they would him?

See more shocking addictions on "My Crazy Obsession," Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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