05/02/2013 06:37 pm ET Updated May 02, 2013

Online Sex Trends Revealed In 'Universe of Desire' Exhibition At Museum Of Sex (VIDEO)

What does someone's Internet usage tell you about his or her sex life?

A lot, it seems.

Thursday, HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri hosted a segment exploring what online searches and downloads have shown us about the state of desire and about what turns men and women on. Camilleri was joined in the studio by Sarah Forbes, a curator at the Museum of Sex, where the exhibit "Universe of Desire," which looks at the role of media -- especially the Internet -- in modern sexuality, is running through September 2.

Other participants included Ben Tao, the co-founder of erotic services website ExtraLunchMoney.com, Jincey Lumpkin, a sex columnist and "Chief Sexy Officer" at porn site Juicy Pink Box,and Ogi Ogas, co-author of "A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What the World's Largest Experiment Reveals about Human Desire."

The guests discussed how what users were looking for online reflects the general sexual culture of the U.S. Tao explained that he's seeing an increase in the number of customers coming to his site in search of a custom erotic experience, played out over camera with women the site employs. "It's not crazy to see two people having sex online any more," he explained -- people are looking for something more.

Watch the clip above for more, and check out the full segment on HuffPost Live.



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