05/02/2013 09:22 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Reddit User's Mother Hands Out Care Bags To Homeless In Portland (PHOTOS)


A Redditor's mom is giving Portland's homeless a little T.L.C. by distributing care bags filled with some of the small comforts of home.

According to BaconisDank's post, instead of handing out spare change, his mother uses the money for Costco bulk buys and dollar store purchases to fill bags with snacks, water, warm socks, and toothbrushes and hands them out to anyone in need.

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The post has received over 2,000 comments. Some users commended his mother's efforts while others asked for tips on how they can start making "homeless bags" of their own.

The Redditor wrote that his mother used her experience as a food pantry volunteer to fill the bags with items that the homeless might need most for everyday health and comfort. According to his comments, she has given out about 40 bags in the past year with 30 more ready to be distributed.

"She just always keeps one in her car and hands them to people on the side of the street," he wrote. "She has a bunch in the garage so she can restock. I have been putting them in my car and giving them out when I can, swimming in the wake of her good karma."

One formerly homeless Reddit user wrote back saying, "Tell your mom to keep up the good work. Those bags don't seem like a lot, but when you're living in a reality where 90% of people treat you as though you're invisible ... a bag of food and toiletries might as well be a gift from the gods themselves."

Another user, DistinguishedVisitor, wrote: "Sometimes knowing Mum loves you is all it takes to get through the day, even if it's not your Mum."



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