05/03/2013 02:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Camarillo Wildfire Videos Capture Fierce Winds, Helicopter Drops, Orange Skies (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

There's nothing like a home video to capture what's going on on the ground. In the videos above and below, residents capture their incredible views of the Camarillo wildfire, which so far has burned up 15 square miles of land.

The video above, eerily set to the background sound of wind chimes, shows helicopter drop after helicopter drop and then narrows in on massive flames burning behind an American flag. At the end of the video, when the camera zooms out, you can see how close the fire is to homes.

The video below shows how the flames plus smoke created an orange sky above homes and orchards. In both videos, it is terrifying how audibly strong the winds are.

Finally, in the video below the slideshow, KCAL 9 gives us a nighttime view of blinding flames, as well as an aerial map of where the fire is burning.

Wildfire Burns In Southern California