05/03/2013 08:54 am ET Updated May 03, 2013

9 Decor Magazines That Folded But We Wish Were Still Around (PHOTOS)

There's still a hole in every design fan's heart for Domino.

It's occasionally hard to be a fan of all things decor. While blogs and dedicated sites (Hello there!) have undeniably changed the landscape of where we find inspiring images, such progress comes at a price. Meaning: We are all kind-of sort-of responsible for running our favorite home, shelter and DIY-focused magazines out of existence. Alright, the lousy economy from 2007-on is mainly to blame. But the digital world has really impacted the magazine realm in general.

Yes, there are still great mags left. Elle Decor, Veranda, Country Living, Architectural Digest, Traditional Home, House Beautiful and Dwell from the print publishers; Matchbook, Lonny and Rue in the digital sphere. But as I look to my magazine archives and see that the first issue of the long-departed Blueprint Magazine launched in May 2006, I get nostalgic for spending uninterrupted non-computer time with my favorite reads.

Let's salute our old favorites. I've listed the magazines I've missed most (in no particular order), below. Did I leave any title out? What was your fave?

Blueprint Magazine (RIP, 2007)

Image via Emily Henson
I'm still not sure why Martha Stewart's foray into decor geared towards thirtysomethings never took off.

Domino Magazine (RIP, 2009)

Image via Apartment Therapy
There is a hole in the heart of every decor fan for this mag. Yes, Condᅢᄅ Nast brought it back, but it's in a rather diluted form that doesn't capture the essence of the original. At all.

Budget Living (RIP, 2006)

Image via Razorba
Yes, it had "budget" in the title, but it was so fun, stylish and intelligent. Fun fact: I once interviewed for an internship there. I should have taken it!

House & Garden (RIP, 2007)

Image via Creative Influences
The shuttering of this gorgeous shelter mag mainstay shocked everyone. It had been around since 1901!

Cottage Living (RIP, 2009)

Image via pare*umbrella
This mag focused on seriously adorable small homes. With so many people interested in small space living, I don't see why it couldn't flourish.

Country Home (RIP, 2009)

Image via Mary Jane's Farm
When you read Country Home, you were transported into a lovely world of low-key homes and old-fashioned know-how.

Metropolitan Home (RIP, 2009)

Image via LA Times
The go-to guide for bold, sophisticated interiors.

O At Home (RIP, 2008)

Image via Trendhunter
Oprah gave Nate Berkus an amazing career, but she couldn't seem to give this title a successful life.

ReadyMade (RIP, 2011)

Image via NotMartha
The lights went out in every creative enclave around the country for this hip, knowledgable guide to the DIY life.

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There's a hole in every decor fan's heart for Domino.