05/03/2013 11:22 am ET Updated May 09, 2013

Farm Bloomington Restaurant's Craigslist Post Features 44 Requirements For Line Cook Job [UPDATED]


Nobody thinks that being a line cook is easy. The hours are long, you stand on your feet all day and the pay usually sucks. Turnover in restaurants is usually fairly high -- a lot of people simply aren't cut out for the grueling pace of restaurant life.

Farm Bloomington, a restaurant in Bloomington, Indiana does little to glamorize the profession. An employee recently posted a pretty epic job for a line cook on Craigslist. The ad lists 44 requirements for the gig.

While the requests aren't altogether unreasonable, the tone and the length of the ad make us think that Farm Bloomington may not be the most relaxing place to work. Or maybe the owners have just had really, really bad help in the past.

Some highlights:

  • you never complain - especially about things the chef can't control like customer requests, the hours the restaurant is open, how busy or slow it is, etc.
  • you always show up for work, even if you're sick as a dog. Let the chef see you're really sick and send you home.
  • you cook your dishes exactly as the chef taught you, the same every time.
  • you are able to work double shifts for many days without days off.
  • you work neatly, always Cleaning as you go (CAYGo). At the end of your shift, you actually clean your station using actual sanitizer and an actual scrubbie, and actually label and date all your mise.

We couldn't find the actual copy of the ad in question, which makes us wonder if the manager wised up and realized that someone who can only fulfill, say 41 of the 44 requirements might still be qualified. Still, this listing could be useful for restaurant industry novices -- although unattainable, it pretty much describes the ideal employee. Or, for those not sure that restaurant life is for them, consider this a serious warning call.

For the whole text of the ad, head over to

UPDATE 5/9: Okay, so apparently this was a prank by a sous chef, who copied the text from a 2008 blog post.



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