05/03/2013 03:48 pm ET

Google, Always Eager To Tell Us How To Talk, Censors Swearing On Google Glass

OLE SPATA/AFP/Getty Images

Google has programmed Google Glass, its much-hyped augmented-reality device, with the ability to perform tasks at just the sound of one's voices. But just like many times before with Google products, be careful what you say around the specs.

Russell Holly of Geek reports Google Glass's dictation engine censors swearing, replacing key letters in swear words with asterisks. Holly notes that this isn't unusual: "most voice translation services will apply a PG rating to whatever you say." But unlike most text-to-speech engines, there's no way to turn the censoring of curse words off on Glass.

That's probably not a terrible scenario for most people, but it does underscore Google's propensity for trying to control language, especially language related to, or represented in, their products. Recently, it has made porn much harder to search for on its engine -- and in the past it's disputed the use of the words "Gchat," "ungoogleable" (in Swedish) and even the use of "Google" as a verb.

Since Google is allowing people to build open-source applications for Glass, it's possible someone may build an app that enables cusses. Until then, save your swearing for email.



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