05/03/2013 08:40 am ET

Pippa Middleton's Picnic Menu Is A Little Ambitious For A Date


Pippa Middleton hasn't had the best luck with her independent party-planning ventures (understatement of the year?), but that hasn't convinced the woman to stop trying. The Brit has just released her second installment of "Friday Night Feasts" for Waitrose Magazine -- and it already has the critics barking.

The Provencal Picnic for two menu she's put together includes everything from a fig and goat’s cheese fougasse to strawberry and lavender cheesecake jars. Pips has even thought to suggest that you use tea towels “with French stripes,” enamel plates and quilted rugs while you sip on your peach and vanilla fizz. Sounds pretty fancy, no?

Well, that's precisely the problem. The Telegraph reports that going through with the suggested menu would cost you £99.57 (and not the £57.13 Waitrose quoted). What's more, unlike Pippa's suggestion that one can “quickly prep, pack, then whisk away someone special,” you'd probably spend a couple of hours in the kitchen, according to the Daily Mail.

But hey, we're not complaining -- we don't mind an aspirational service piece now and then. Plus, in the column, the 29-year-old divulges some juicy romantic details of her perfect picnic date:

Here’s my vision of the perfect picnic. I’m in Provence, in a field just off the beaten track, where we’ve parked the car and thrown a quilted rug across the dry, parched grasses. The hazy sky is cobalt blue, cicadas hum around us and it’s hot, very hot. But not too hot for a picnic. Around us are plump peaches, figs and strawberries, oozing ripe cheeses and crunchy baguettes, torn and ready to mop up every last morsel.

Is Pippa tipping us off that she and boyfriend Nico Jackson will be in the south of France soon? The couple have already traveled to Mustique together, and they've been spending quite a bit of time out on the town in London. Either way, Ms. Middleton's latest column is proof enough for us that she has love on the brain. Now if she could just get rid of those pesky critics...

What do you think of Pippa's latest "Friday Night Feast" menu? Do you think she's out of touch?

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