05/03/2013 07:32 am ET Updated May 03, 2013

'Scandal': Fitz Gets An Ultimatum, Finally Chooses Between Mellie And Olivia (VIDEO)

The First Lady gave Fitz an ultimatum on "Scandal" this week. He needed to choose his wife or his mistress, Olivia. She gave him 36 hours to make his decision. And as that clock ran out, he made a very bold statement to drive home his choice. He spent those last moments of Mellie's ultimatum with Olivia.

We’re gonna sit here, and the clock of my marriage is going to run out," Fitz told her. "You’re going to sit here with me and watch me choose you.”

But it was more than just choosing Olivia over Mellie. His wife told him that if he chose Olivia, she would go straight to the media and spill the beans all about his affair, which could destroy his political future -- and present. Still, he chose Olivia.

And Mellie proved true to her word, wasting not a single minute after her deadline before she went public.

Entertainment Weekly was glad to see Fitz's bold gesture, describing it as "sweet, mellow, and exactly the gesture that he needed to make to Olivia to get her to even consider being back with him.”

This wild ride is only going to get wilder with two episodes left in the season. Stick around to see where "Scandal" goes from here, Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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