05/03/2013 12:16 pm ET Updated May 03, 2013

Susannah Collins Fired: CSN Reporter Gets The Axe Following Blackhawks 'Sex' Slip (VIDEO)

Fired over a little "s-e-x"?

On Thursday evening, Comcast SportsNet Chicago announced that reporter Susannah Collins -- whose "tremendous amount of sex" on-air gaffe went viral just two days prior -- will no longer be with the network.

While Phil Bedella, vice president and general manager of CSN Chicago, said in a statement that the decision was "due to circumstances unrelated to her on-air remarks Tuesday night," as the Chicago Tribune notes, the timing of Collins' abrupt exit is difficult to ignore.

Collins' Freudian slip came Tuesday evening before the Chicago Blackhawks' playoff matchup with the Minnesota Wild.

Speaking of the Blackhawks' regular-season dominance, she attempted to say the team had experienced a tremendous amount of success heading into the postseason. But her mind may have drifted elsewhere.

"We appreciate everything Susannah has contributed to our network over the past year and wish her the best in her future endeavors," Bedella's statement continued.

The blip turned the spotlight on her participation as a co-host of the web series "Sports Nutz," a program that often dabbled in sexually and racially provocative themes.

But as Deadspin notes, CSN was all but surely aware of Collins' "Sports Nutz" past when they hired her last fall, as the reporter was open about the gig. She previously discussed the show with the Chicago Sports Media Watch blog.

Collins is a native of suburban Downers Grove and graduated from the University of Illinois, according to CBS Chicago.



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