05/03/2013 04:19 am ET

'The Office': Andy Quits To Pursue Stardom, Leading To Dwight's Promotion To Manager (VIDEO)

Dwight was more humble and decent in the latest episode of "The Office." He had genuinely kind words about Pam, and acknowledged that he had perhaps blown his chance at ever assuming the manager position he'd been coveting so long. But never say never.

David Wallace showed up to give Andy the boot, but he didn't have to. Andy had impulsively decided it was time to stop giving himself excuses to not pursue his dreams of stardom, and so he quit -- and then un-quit, and then quit again, and then made sure he burned his bridges at Dunder-Mifflin by groping Toby and defecating on David's car. Yes, it was gross.

All the while Andy was having a mini-freakout, David was considering Dwight to assume his position. He checked in with Jim, who sincerely said that it was absolutely the right choice. And so Dwight had a banner day, achieving his black belt and assuming the crown of leadership he'd wanted for so long. With just two episodes left to go, The AV Club thought this was a big payoff for fans.

In a nice nod to earlier continuity, Jim insisted on the position of Assistant to the Regional Manager, rather than simply Assistant Regional Manager. Angela, meanwhile, has hit rock bottom. Her cats were taken away and she got evicted from her studio apartment, reluctantly agreeing to move in with Oscar in the closing moments. With him, she declared her love for Dwight.

Will those two come together in the end? There are only two weeks left of "The Office," at 9 p.m. ET on NBC Thursdays, to find out.

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