05/03/2013 07:19 am ET

'The Show With Vinny' Premieres And Vinny's Mom Wants Lil Wayne To Tell Her What Gumbo Is (VIDEO)

MTV isn't done with those "Jersey Shore" kids just yet. With "Snooki & JWoww" still going strong, they rolled out the latest offering featuring a "Shore" alum. Vinny Guadagnino's latest venture is a little different, though. "The Show with Vinny" is a bit of a hybrid between the reality and talk show genres.

What makes it different from the traditional talk show is that it takes place in Vinny's house, and his family hangs around during the celebrity chats.

In the premiere episode, after a post-"VMAs" preview, Vinny sat down to chat with Lil Wayne. As soon as Wayne mentioned he was from New Orleans, Vinny's mom jumped in. She always heard of gumbo but didn't know what it was. And just like that the interview was derailed.

The whole presentation of 'The Show with Vinny' feels almost purposefully off-putting," Entertainment Weekly said of this premiere. "There are regular shots of the camera crew and the sound guy ... It all creates a weird air of self-satisfaction, as if the mere fact that someone decided to make a show about a guy interviewing celebrities in his garage deserves nonstop laughs.”

The New Jersey Star-Ledger disagreed, thinking the series was off to a pretty good start. They felt that Vinny having his family around is what makes the show, giving the premiere a B++.

See more surprising celebrity interviews every Thursday on "The Show with Vinny" at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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