05/03/2013 11:36 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Wedding Bands: Redditors Find Creative Ways To Honor Their Wives Through Jewelry (PHOTOS)

Not all couples are satisfied with the traditional wedding rings offered by large retailers, so instead they find ways to incorporate some of the unique DNA of their relationships into their jewelry.

Take Reddit user AeroZep, who posted a photo Thursday of his wedding ring that features a very personal touch -- a waveform of his wife's voice saying the words "love always." Check out the amazing piece of jewelry below:

Another Reddit user, xjman349, also posted a photo of his creative wedding band on Thursday. He had his wife's fingerprint (from her ring finger) laser cut into it his wedding band.

Jewelry designers are tapping into the personalized wedding ring market more and more. New Zealand-based Ashley Hilton, for example, etches simple designs that tell a couple's story into handmade rings. Click through the slideshow below to see Hilton's inspiration photos, sketches and finished rings.

Ashley Hilton Wedding Rings

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