05/04/2013 11:10 am ET

Did Kalinda Kill Nick On 'The Good Wife'?


It's not a secret that the Kalinda/Nick storyline on Season 4 of "The Good Wife" was a polarizing one. Fans reacted to it in such a way that "The Good Wife" bosses shortened the story and got rid of the character earlier than expected ... but will he return?

When last we saw Nick (Marc Warren), Kalinda was intent on getting rid of him. Cut to commercial and she's at a bar with Alicia ... so where did he go? Is he dead? Will we ever get an answer? All valid questions. Robert and Michelle King, "Good Wife" co-creators and executive producers, are staying mum.

"So much of Kalinda’s character requires a degree of restraint and discretion," the Kings told Vulture when asked about whether viewers will see Nick again. "We’d rather not delve into this because there’s a chance the whereabouts of Nick may come back. If it does, it will hopefully be played for entertainment value."

The Daily Beast flat out asked the Kings whether Kalinda murdered her husband
, but again, they remained mum.

"We can't say," Robert said. "That may rear its ugly head again and we don’t want to put our finger exactly on what happened there." Michelle added the plotline may not necessarily ever be touched again.

However, Kalinda's backstory isn't completely off-limits
. "We definitely want to keep opening doors on Kalinda’s backstory -- it hasn’t at all been killed by Nick," the Kings said. "Again, the problem we run into is how boring and tedious informational backstory is without some entertaining construction to give it meaning and drama. But it is our intent to open more doors into Kalinda’s background."

That backstory could include more Lana (Jill Flint). "Oh boy, would we ever love to see Lana with Kalinda again," they said. "We love Jill Flint. We just need to see where everybody lands after pilot season. It’s very sad to see how much we pray for other people’s pilots to fail. It’s not healthy."

"The Good Wife" will return to CBS for a Season 5.

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