05/04/2013 01:47 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Joey Crawford Ejects Chris Paul, Hands Out 7 Technical Fouls In Game 6 (VIDEO)

Seven Grizzlies scored in double figures as they finished off the Clippers in Game 6. But it was official Joey Crawford who may have left the biggest imprint on the game, handing out seven total technical fouls and two ejections.

Late in the fourth quarter as Tayshaun Prince shot the second of two free throws, Chris Paul ran into Marc Gasol's chest as the ball fell through the hoop. In what had already been a very physical game -- and five technicals already having been handed out -- Crawford felt that his contact with Gasol was worthy of another T. It was Paul's second technical foul of the game, resulting in an ejection.


Thirty-two seconds later as Memphis' Mike Conley shot the first of two free throws, Zach Randolph turned around and appeared to say something to the Clippers' bench. Crawford wasted no time and handed Z-Bo his second technical foul, resulting in another ejection.

As Randolph walked off the court, he threw his head band into the crowd and riled up the Memphis fans.


Overall, 59 personal fouls were called, 71 free throws were taken and several tweets were posted about Crawford. One came from Chris Paul's brother, C.J.

Reactions To Joey Crawford's Technical Craze