05/04/2013 09:46 am ET

Steve King Senate Run Not Happening

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) ruled out a run for Senate, saying on Friday he wants to focus on "urgent battles in Congress."

King tweeted the news that he wouldn't seek Tom Harkin’s Senate seat in 2014:

King also released a statement on his decision, saying he could not turn his back on GOP efforts "to put the Leftist genie back in the bottle":

My analytical part, the head, tells me the race is winnable and must be won in 2014 or a generational opportunity could be lost. I have said a race for the Senate is "a slight up hill battle". It is, but it's "no hill for a climber".

The question I am answering today is, "What is my duty?" I believe my duty is to utilize the honor of serving Iowans in Congress by maximizing my effectiveness. I owe it to all Iowans and Americans to give you my best effort and best judgment.

We have in front of us in Congress a series of potent issues which will redirect the destiny of our state and nation. Among them are a farm bill, ObamaCare, debt and deficit, immigration, and tax reform. If I step away from these responsibilities while campaigning in an effort to multiply leverage in the Senate, what becomes of our nation in the mean time?

Click here to read King's full statement on his decision not to run for Senate.

Harkin announced his retirement in January 2013, saying "it's just time" for him "to step aside."

"It's not easy to walk away, but life is fleeting," Harkin said at the time. "I've had the privilege to be here for 40 years. Too many people hang on to power for too long, and that’s not right."



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