05/05/2013 10:02 pm ET

Sex Ed Is Under Attack At Colleges Across America | Cosmopolitan


Talking about sex on college campuses shouldn't be all that scandalous. They're just big, ivy-coated hotbeds of the so-called "hook up culture," right? But in covering all things sex (from eco-friendly vibrators to penis size) at Cosmopolitan, it's become clear that sex education is under attack at colleges across the country—and students aren't taking it lying down.

In March, the University of Tennessee saw state funding slashed for its first ever Sex Week (which was to include seminars on oral sex and a condom scavenger hunt) after pushback from the state's conservative legislators. Later that month, the University of Pennsylvania declared that no tuition dollars would be used on its Sex Week festivities, forcing student groups to foot the bill for sex ed lectures and workshops. Around the same time, a special sex-themed issue of Central New Mexico Community College's newspaper was banned over its guide to on-campus sex resources and sex toys. Then, in early April, Boston College, a Catholic university, ordered a student-lead sexual health group to stop distributing free condoms—or else.

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