05/06/2013 05:06 am ET Updated May 06, 2013

'The Amazing Race' Finale Goes To The Capitol To Crown Its Winner (VIDEO)

A two-hour season finale whittled the remaining four teams down to one winner on "The Amazing Race." The first hour saw the teams in Scotland and Northern Ireland where they got to swim in an Irish bog, and in the Detour choose between spray painting graffiti on a wall or serving a 5-course meal at the site where the Titanic was built.

At the end of this leg, which saw the teams close competitors, no single thing doomed Caroline & Jennifer. They were just the team that came up short on the mat.

The final leg carried the teams through England before flying off to Washington, DC. At the Capitol, Mona & Beth decided they knew better than the clue, which told them to go to 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue to get their picture taken with the President. It was actually a CG trick, but they determined that they should probably go to the White House for that photo op. It was precious time lost they were never able to make up.

By the time they got to the final challenge, which saw them digging through a pit of globes with highlighted countries -- they had to put them in the order they were visited -- Bates & Anthony were alone. And no one really caught up with the hockey brothers all the way to the finish line.

The AV Club was rather disappointed in the season as a whole, but couldn't fault the winners. "The Hockey Bros are satisfying enough winners, even if they can’t think of anything to say about The Amazing Race other than that it’s ... amazing!" they wrote. "But it really isn’t, and hasn’t been for a long time."

HitFix pointed out that their athleticism was the key to their victory, in a season that seemed to emphasize strength more than in the past. "Their combination of strength-speed-endurance was unparalleled," they wrote. And that combo saw them to an easy million dollar win.

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