05/06/2013 06:43 pm ET

Ashlee Gurule And Jennifer McKee, New Mexico Women, Used Sex As Lure In Murder Plot: Police

Two homeless New Mexico women were charged with murder, and a third was charged with conspiracy in the death of a New Mexico man. According to Albuquerque police, the man was allegedly enticed with sex then stabbed and stuffed into the trunk of his car.

The three women -- Ashlee Gurule, 20, Jennifer McKee, 18, and Julia Martinez, 16 -- allegedly plotted to kill 51-year-old Maurice Gonzales because they were sick of living on the streets and wanted his car, ABC affiliate KOB reported.

McKee and Gurule were charged with murder, while Martinez, who was not present at the scene of the crime, was charged with conspiracy, according to the station.

The Albuquerque Journal reports that McKee at first told police that Gonzales had "tried to rape [her and Gurule] at his house." A criminal complaint obtained by the paper states that McKee and Gurule allegedly arranged to meet Gonzales at his home for a threesome Friday, smoked Spice (synthetic cannabis) and performed sex acts on him.

After Gurule gave a predetermined signal, she allegedly stabbed Gonzales multiple times in the chest and neck while McKee held him down.

According to the complaint, the stab wounds did not kill Gonzales quickly enough, so the women suffocated him with a pillow as he begged for his life.

The women then allegedly put the man's body in the trunk of his Dodge Avenger and picked up Martinez. According to CBS affiliate KRQE, the women intended to dispose of the body by burning it, but before that could happen, an officer attempted to stop them for driving too slowly on the highway. This set off a high-speed chase that ended in a crash.

The women confessed to the crime shortly after they were arrested, according to police.



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