05/06/2013 05:08 pm ET Updated May 07, 2013

Bear vs. Monkey Bicycle Race Ends Horribly At Shanghai Wild Animal Park (VIDEO)

A bicycle race between a bear and two monkeys quickly turned from road rage to road kill, after the bear crashed and savagely mauled the simian.

We don't know much about this video past the fact that it begins in glory and ends in horror. Live Leak released it on Sunday, claiming that the bear vs. monkey bicycle race is a stunt put on by the Shanghai Wild Animal Park.

During the performance, two monkeys take the lead as onlookers laugh and cheer. The bear is hot on their heels, however, and a second-lap crash quickly turns grisly.

After the bear collides with the fallen monkey and flies over its handlebars, it goes ballistic, mauling the monkey as animal park workers try in vain to separate the two. Another worker pushes the second monkey away from the pileup.

The monkey's condition is unclear, but the video is still a bit graphic for those who are squeamish around animal-on-animal violence.

UPDATE: Shanghaiist points out that the race is part of the park's Wild Animal Olympics, which has been going on for years. It's been criticized by animal rights groups, who have called the animals "miserable" and victims of cruelty and abuse. Read more at



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