05/06/2013 09:54 pm ET

Heartwarming British Juice Commercial Celebrates Dads (VIDEO)

A British beverage company's new commercial is aiming straight for your heart.

Robinsons Drinks prides itself on "bringing moments of happiness and laughter to kids and adults," according to its website.

The company shared its new ad on Facebook last Friday where it struck a chord, particularly with fathers.

User Adam Clare commented, "As a Dad who brought up his son for 7 years to then become just a weekend Dad separated by 600 miles, this had me in bits."

Another father, Scott Mackenzie, wrote:

Not sure if the new TV ad is supposed to be a tear jerker or if it is just me... I love's very clever a mini "Sixth Sense", the reveal at the end makes you go back and watch it over. As a son who misses his dad, and as a dad to two little boys it really hit an emotional chord with me.

Watch till the end! And then maybe all over again.

H/T: The Chive



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