05/06/2013 06:39 pm ET

Celebrity Mistress Sarah Symonds Describes The Two Types Of Mistresses

Sarah Symonds, the reported one-time lover of Gordon Ramsay, went on HuffPost Live Monday to discuss her experiences as "the other woman."

"There are two types of mistresses," Symonds told host Ricky Camilleri. "Type one is the woman who actually knows the man is married and goes along with it anyway. Probably, the lines he's given have reeled her in."

"Type two," Symonds went on, "is the woman who doesn't know he's married. I've been in every kind of relationship in over 15 years of being a mistress, and I'm not proud of it. The worst type of married man is the one who reels you in and tells you he's single. I've had men say, 'I'm separated' or 'My wife is dying of cancer.'"

Watch the segment above for more on Symonds' past (and check out the full segment at HuffPost Live), then, click through the slideshow for the worst alleged celebrity home wreckers:

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